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06-21-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Cause people don't understand that there is more to a player than cap hit and name.

Ryan won't fit into our system as well as some think he will. He disappears often. He'll have more offensive talent than we're used to but defensively he has a lot of adjusting to do. He takes shifts off and rarely back checks.

Nash fits into our system perfectly and adds potentially 50 goals.

Ryan will have to work a lot harder to fit into our system and adds potentially 40 goals.
You are wrong on every single point you just made.

First off let's face it neither forward is going to win a Selke anytime soon, but Ryan will be much easier to teach than someone like Nash would be. Ryan actually likes to hit people and use hit body, he can be taught defense. He can be molded into a two way player, if anyone can do it it's Torts. Ryan likes to work the boards and Nash is more of a floater in the offensive zone. Ryan fits the system more than Nash. He doesn't even have to play a high defensive game, Gaborik is successful and he likes to float two. Defense can be taught and it's easier to teach a 24 year old still learning then a 28 year old who has that superstar mentality. Between the two Ryan has shown more of a willingness to get dirty.

Inconsistency, sounds familiar right? That's the definition of Gaborik (who I have the utmost respect for after playing hurt in the playoffs). You fail to mention how Nash takes shifts off, he'll even games off, as well. He came into the league and he was more of a net presence, he's more of a perimeter player and that's a red flag. Ryan loves to drive to the net and he is more thank capable of scoring around the net.

Nash is a career mid 30 goal scorer (once hitting 40), so to assume he'll add 15 goals just like that is quite a reach. Nash is a great goal scorer but Ryan is no slouch, on a bad year Ryan puts in 30 goals. He could be a 40 goal scorer here as well.

Then you tak into account age and salary and the player progression over the next 4-5 years and Ryan seals the deal. This is a kid that is basically the same age as our team and can grow with out team the next 10 years.

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