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I'm currently 22 years old, and have been a fan since my uncle put me in Kings sweats when i was 6 months old.I went to my first game that i can remember when i was 5 in 1994 and remember seeing Gretzky, and the ice in person amazed me. My family has had season tickets since the 70's and have endured years of disappointment. I've gone to about 10 games per season, except this year i went to 19. Back in 2002 my cousin promised to take me to the next kings home playoff game after the second round, but they lost, and didn't make it back till 2010, when i went to a game against Vancouver in the first round. I didnt go to any playoff games last year. Forever the kings were just an after thought here with the lakers winning all the time. And this year My uncle opted not to buy the playoff tickets...bad choice. I told all my friends the day of the Carter trade if they could make the playoffs, we will Win the cup, and everyone thought i was crazy. So playoffs come around and my uncle promises to take me to 1 game per round... he didn't break his promise, although it cost him a pretty penny with the 100 level prices on stub hub. I went to game 4 against vancouver, game 4 against st. louis, game 3 against phoenix, game 3 of the finals, then was planning on not watching game 6 cause i couldn't take the stress anymore but got a call from my uncle that Monday morning. Pick me up at my office at 2 were going to game 6 happy early birthday... sSo i went and will never forget that night. I went to game 7 of Lakers vs. Celtics...The stanley cup game 6 was 100000000000x better and more amazing. Staples Center has never been louder.

Ever since i could drive 6 years ago i have had license plates "CPB4IDI" Cup before I die, I gladly ordered new plates the night i got home from game 6. The past 2 months were kinda annoying with the uproar of ultimate bandwagoners that would come into my work and my friends trying to talk about hockey...I couldn't stand it, with the only players people knew were Quick, Brown, and Kopitar. If you ever said hey remember when Anson Carter was gonna bring us to the promiseland. Remeber the LAPD line that without those injuries prolly would have broughten us a cup a lot earlier. Remember when we finished 29th in 2008, and picked a kid named drew doughty. Remember felix potvin who came alive 1 playoff season. Remember Luc Robitaille. Oh this is the best one... remember when the kings played at THE FORUM. The kings are the thing that has made me the most stressed in my life watching them play. But this will ease that forever, the fact we finally have a cup. Before the Canucks, before the sharks, the ducks can't talk anymore, but especially vancouver fans in LA, they gotta be slitting their wrists right now.

The black parade intro in the blues series brought tears to my eyes. I was at work when penner dcored in game 5 ot against phoenix closing up the restaurant and screamed for 2 seconds and went back to 4 more wins as about 7 of my friends 6 bandwagoners and 1 real fan stormed into the restaurant 10 minutes later screaming all confused cause i was just sitting there and i said yea, but you dont get the cup just for making the fianls..and they knew thats how ive been the whole playoffs. Then when lewis scored the empty netter in game 6 of the finals i couldn't believe it i just kept saying to everyone this can't be real i dont believe it. Its gonna happen.and more tears with 2 minutes left, then the countdown by the fans which was so definitive and clear. then the loudest relief screamed out by everyone and jumping and hugging everyone, and so happy they did it at home. then to see brown pick the cup up with the thought of watching a video earlier in the year about him saying he wants to be the first king to lift the cup. everytime he scored in the playoffs or made a big hit that quote came back into my head, and remembering all the "the time is Now" billboards actually were true it was a dream come true and i will never forget it.

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