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06-21-2012, 09:38 PM
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Is University of Western Ontario really out of reach for one not confident about getting into McGill? Or otherwise not very good for human resources or industrial relations? I mean, UWO made it into Playboy and at a higher rank than McGill's stint into Playboy's top party schools (UWO's 4th in 2012 vs. McGill's 10th in 2006) so I suppose UWO is no party slouch.

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Really? UOttawa, a party school? Or is UOttawa just a good place for HR or IR?

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I knew Dalhousie was a party school capable to rival the likes of Iowa, West Virginia, Penn State or Ole Miss (i.e. the best party schools in the world) but what are Dalhousie's academic specialities?

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