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06-21-2012, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Neatman View Post
Isnt Kane ~ middle of the road for 1st overalls in the last decade?
I wouldnt be too surprised if he was below average for that group when all is said and done. While Chicago fans insist that his all round game has improved, he has stagnated at ppg winner (if stagnate is the right word for a star player...).

I guess what Im trying to say is, maybe "a prospect" is a little dismissive when one is talking about a player who is the best of his age group, and will likely remain a top 5 player of all those taken in 1 year.

Not to mention there are a lot more dynamics at play then you're addressing.
Wait, so Kane, a 23 year old superstar, who in one 58 game season in the OHL, almost scored as much as Yak, if that is whom the Oilers take, in two seasons which consisted of 107 games, and Yak is a better prospect then Kane?

I really hope that isnt what you are saying, nah, I know that isnt. You are happy that the Oilers are drafting yet another highly rated prospect who's ceiling will hopefully be what Patrick Kane is now, a superstar. And Yak surely could become day, while Kane already has reached that plateau and has more upside then what he is now considering he isnt even in his prime.

I mean, Hall is a fine player, so is Nuge, but the best player on the Oilers is Eberle. Now there is nothing in my being that wants the Hawks to trade Kane for the first, none what so ever. I, imo, dont think the Hawks would be better with Yak then with Kane, and I dislike Kane with a passion. But, to think a prospect is better then a proven commodity, which, Kane is, and a player, no matter what his size, is a truly gifted play maker who would, now, this is the big thing, make the Oilers better now and in the long run considering his truly high skill level at play making more so, imo, again, then Yak. But thats just me.

The under rating of Patrick Kane knows no bounds, especially when people actually think, outside of the ECL contract, Yak would be a better fit.

Like I said, the Oilers GM would say yes then pull the phone cord out the wall or drop his cell in a vat of bubbling grease if Bowman actually offered.

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