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06-21-2012, 11:27 PM
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Reminder post with info taken from other posts...

- Rumors must have the word Rumor in the title of the thread and a link to a credible source needs to be provided.

- Radio rumors will have to be confirmed by at least 1 other poster, this will serve as the source to separate a legitimate rumor from a rumor someone made up by himself.

Twitter is NOT considered a source unless the tweeter is affiliated with a recognized media outlet.

All threads started that cite a tweet as their source MUST state the twitter's affiliation in the OP.

Make sure that any rumors posted from Twitter are posted by the actual news source, and not a fake account.

If you have "insider information," please contact an administrator prior to posting and wait for approval.

Creating threads that do not follow these bolded rules may lead you to receive a warning or infraction.

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