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06-22-2012, 12:46 AM
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I hope Bosh enjoys being the flat tire of a third wheel that he was to get his championship.

When I saw his disproportionately small, grinning pinhead I wanted to reach into the TV nether-verse and grab his scrawny, disrespectful, injury-prone, giving-up, bi-atch faker, neck and squeeze as hard as I could.

Enjoy your ring Bosh. Just remember you got as an "after thought" as opposed to being the "Go-to-guy" like you would have been here.


LeBron can P/O too. Arrogant, self serving, god complex, pos.

Happy for Wade, Haslem. etc.

As for Bosh again, he is just the last in a long line of star atheletes that show this town no respect, showing his true pos colours. So...(If I wrote what I wanted it would never pass the mods.)

End Rant.

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