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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post

I hope Bosh enjoys being the flat tire of a third wheel that he was to get his championship.

When I saw his disproportionately small, grinning pinhead I wanted to reach into the TV nether-verse and grab his scrawny, disrespectful, injury-prone, giving-up, bi-atch faker, neck and squeeze as hard as I could.

Enjoy your ring Bosh. Just remember you got as an "after thought" as opposed to being the "Go-to-guy" like you would have been here.


LeBron can P/O too. Arrogant, self serving, god complex, pos.

Happy for Wade, Haslem. etc.

As for Bosh again, he is just the last in a long line of star atheletes that show this town no respect, showing his true pos colours. So...(If I wrote what I wanted it would never pass the mods.)

End Rant.
Wades the biggest douchenozzle on that team. **** Wade I hate his fake tough guy swag. As for Bosh. I don't even care that Bosh won. Move the **** on.

Also I'm kinda actually happy LeBron won. I'm not his biggest fan and I'm not a supporter but people need to get off his back the 'decision' happened over a year ago. Christ, it's not a matter of if he was going to win a championship, but when? He's still the best basketball player in the world and has the entire world scrutinizing him and he won.

On Durant crying. I don't think any broadcast crews should shoot the players going back to the dressing room, in a Finals deciding game.. Like, the ****? They are pampered rich and famous millionaires so you can't feel sorry for them, but it's still an emotional time and if you show them like that it's just more fodder for the masses to sling. Durantula is a warrior **** the haters.

But mostly I'm just happy for the vets. Sure they rode on the coattails of the big 3 but they can retire now on top. That's Juwan Howard, Shane Battier and Mike Miller.

Grats to Joel Anthony too! Go Canada!

Lil OT: But I heard rumours, according to Eric Smith, that Steve Nash has his teams down to 3 and the Raptors are the frontrunners to sign him to a 3 year. The other 2 teams are Portland and Phoenix.

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