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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
But again; Cherepanov slid because teams didn't want to take that uncertainty. There was a strong possibility he would have come over to play for the Rangers. But given the situation and lack of transfer agreement, a lot of teams are asking, can we afford to risk a top 10 pick for a guy that might not want to put the work in and head over to Russia for more money, more fame, and being at home? It's a legitimate question.

I mean if Grigs gets set down to the AHL for a year or two...what will his reaction be? For all this talk about how he's over in North America, teams will look at Filatov and Radulov and think...They were over here, they played but they left.
Radulov is a meaningful comparison, but Filatov is out of the NHL because he wasn't good enough. Even the Radulov comparison is a stretch because of all the different issues surrounding his fleeing to Russia as well as his eventual (temporary) return. The AHL question is likely moot with Grigs anyway because of the CHL transfer rules.

Ultimately, Grigs could end up falling, but it'll have everything to do with questions about his character and his playoff no-show (although he had mono and an ankle sprain) and next to nothing to do with the KHL. If it weren't for those things, then Malkin would be the most relevant draft comparison.

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