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Originally Posted by John Swartzwelder View Post
What if the best player is a goalie
It depends on how big a margin we think that goalie is better than the top remaining skater.

If the players available at 26 include a goalie that we have ranked 18th and a skater that we have ranked 20th, it would make sense to pick the skater even though we don't think he is the best player remaining.

The difference between players we rank 18th and 20th is likely quite negligible, so positional considerations should play a role there. As well, highly ranked goalies seem to pan out less often than highly ranked skaters, so that additional risk outweighs the minor talent differential.

If the players available involved a goalie that we ranked 5th and a skater that we ranked 20th, then it would make much more sense to consider a goalie.

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