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11-28-2003, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
yes smith did draft and "ruin" manny. he was rushed to the nhl and had no role. you will hear the lundmark argument that sather is ruining lundmark. its bs. sather had patience with lundmark. he gave him a YEAR in the AHL to develop. he didnt play well in the begining of last season and was sent down. The cries of Sather is ruining him were all over these boards. He came back up and looked decent not great but decent. this season he started with holik. (he has got play with holik) were the cries on this board he did and he was awful. but its manny all over again. i love the tanguy and heijduk argument. like we have a joe sakic to put lundmark with. lundmark has been given a fair shot and failed. manny wasnt given a fair shot was ruined before sather even came here and was traded to dallas were he looked outstanding and wasnt put on waivers. oh wait i think i have that backwards. nobody here gives sather credit for getting something back for manny. dallas put him on waivers.

i would love for lundmark to shut me up and play hard and smart every game. when lindros played with scott and ortmeiyer he helped make them look like better players. why cant lundmark have that role and make them look better? the fact is if lundmark led this team in minutes and the rangers were losing nobody would be happy. the rangers have looked pretty good lately and all anybody can talk about it lundmarks mintues. its so funny
I think this whole Lundmark debate can be pinned down to one thing. You think he was awful when given a chance here or there with Holik, and therefore doesnt deserve to be given anymore ice time because he looked out of place. I disagree. I think he showed alot of effort, he improved defensively (backchecking, etc.) and in the corners, and he showed flashes of his offensive ability. Plus I think Sather has placed much higher standards on him than say Hlavac or Rucinsky, who both struggled earlier but were not disciplined for it. And I realize that unless we both go back and study the tapes so I can prove that point (and perhaps you prove yours), I will never get you to change your mind; so its pointless going around in circles and arguing over the same thing to no avail every single day.

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