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06-22-2012, 08:53 AM
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Given what sounds to be our 3 targets - Faksa, Trouba and Ceci, I'd be thrilled with either one of them.

Here is the analysis (By Craig Button) and Bob McKenzie's rankings on these 3 players.

9. Jacob Trouba - Jacob is an initiating player who takes charge. It begins with an intense desire to impact the game in some way. He takes charge of situations and if an opponent is not prepared to commit 100% versus him, he will find himself falling short. He is a very strong skater, with excellent balance & this allows him to jump into the attack and move up ice but it also allows him to deliver bone jarring hits as well as fend off opposing checks. With his size and skating combination, he's a very difficult player to break down defensively and to gain the upper hand on. Very good understanding of the game and his awareness and poise allows him to make strong plays under pressure. He moves the puck well and can make plays offensively but his best offensive weapon is a heavy shot that can overwhelm goalies and creates challenges for them in terms of corralling it. He thrives in the competitive moments and the bigger the game, the better he is. He plays to win and there is no sacrifice he won't make in the game to help his team win.
11. Radek Faksa - Radek is cut from the mold of a classic center. He moves around the ice looking for opportunities and ready to exploit the weakness in an opponent. He has an excellent feel for the game and knows how to get himself into advantageous positions without the puck and then when he does have the puck, he is extremely capable of taking advantage and creating chances. He can create offense in multiple ways, with his playmaking, his shot, and his willingness to engage physically. He is still developing physically but his skating base is very good without any noticeable weakness and as he becomes stronger, it will give him more speed and quickness to be that much better. He plays very well in defensive situations because of his IQ but is very adept at transitioning quickly to offense. He gains advantages with physical play and is willing to play in traffic and along the boards. When he matures, he will be a blend of skill and size which is both coveted and important to winning.
14. Cody Ceci - Cody is the prototypical work horse player. He goes about the game playing in all of the important situations and at the critical times, seemingly effortless but with an incredible effectiveness and efficiency that goes unheralded but is ultimately important to winning. He plays a game that is rooted in his razor sharp attention to detail, strong positioning and an awareness of what he can do to shift the balance to his team's favour. He does it in so many ways; eliminating opponents in defensive situations, getting the puck up the ice, either by passing or skating, jumping into the attack when required, running the power play with a combination of passing and shooting and helping kill penalties with whatever sacrifices are necessary. He possesses all of the requisite skills, physical and mental, as well as a determination to make a difference in the game in some way, shape or form. He is a coach's dream in that when he is on the ice, the game is under control and your team has an increased chance of success.

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