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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
To a certain extent I have no agruments with what you are saying.

There was no real reason not to play in Quebec. They had an issue with the language and that dated back to when he was going to be drafted by Ottawa in the Junior Draft. They forced them not to pick him so he was drafted by Oshawa.

The parent were a pain in the ass because they thought they knew more about the business side of the game than the guys that have been doing that for a while.

Every front office person that has come in contact with the parents all have the same opinion, they are PITA's

Doing what is right for your child in situations that are wrong is one thing.

Doing what they did at the Junior league and NHL level is not being helpful.

At the end of the day, Quebec/Colorado has had a better 20+ years than the Flyers have had.

He could have been a multi-up winnier had he stayed with Quebec.

In fact he could have put them over the top.

Imagine him playing Left Wing on a line with Sundin at Center and Owen Nolan at RW?

Size, skill and snarl?

The parents were idiots
Why? because they wouldn't trust Bobby Clarke's doctors? They wanted second opinions? They wanted him to be in a big market so he could be marketed?

Quebec would not have won a Cup if they didnt get Roy (or another elite goalie). With Lindros, the Nords might have been able to stay in Quebec, although doubtful. If so, would Montreal have traded him up the highway? Doubt it.

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