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06-22-2012, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
The real controversy yesterday wasn't that he said that's a move he'd try to do if he was the Oiler's GM.

It was that he said it would actually be a feasible move for Edmonton, i.e. something that Montreal might go along with. This is in contrast to how most in Montreal take that deal as a complete non-starter they'd have no interest in.

This lead to the implication that McGuire believed either that:
1. It was the starting point for a fair deal for Montreal that a reasonable management team would except.


2. Its a bad deal for Montreal but they are dumb enough to do it.

Neither reflects well on McGuire.

But people should listen to what he actually said and form their opinions on that rather than rely on hearsay. Taking words out of context and twisting them to fit agenda's seems to be half the stupid media firestorms that surrounding this club.
Correct. It seemed like something shamelessly made up and completely clueless. It sounds like something Tambellini would say to his drinking buddies "oh man, you know what'd be hilarious!? if we could weasel PK subban and the 3rd pick for our first!"

Bottom line, most people thought the idea would simply be a waste of however much time it takes to listen to someone tell you to go **** your hat.

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