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06-22-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
There are two things I hate about the Heat winning:

1) this validates LeBron's ego. The biggest problem I've had with him is that he behaves with the emotional maturity of a whiny emo teenager when people dislike him. He gets called out for not winning last year and out comes the "I'm still me, you have to wake up and go back to your lives" comment. People question his toughness and his willingness to win and whatnot and he bawwwwls and cries about all the "haters" (detest that word and all its done to convince people that nobody can ever be mad at you/dislike you for a reason). Makes his stupid, arrogant "not 6, not 7, not 8" championships speech when he joins the Heat and wonders why people laugh when they lose the finals.

He has absolutely no sense of how he projects in the real world, which is exceptionally stupid when he seems to care so much about said projection. I just wanted him to keep getting a few pegs knocked out until he finally understood the reason. Now he's just going to wave his ring in everyone's faces and go "nah nah, I was right. suck it."

2) This is going to push the "big 3" model even farther. It's a potential death knell for every market that's not LA, New York, Miami, or Boston. Yeah, OKC has its core now, but that won't last much longer as contracts start running out. Every team that's not those markets is going to have to pray for hte OKC model though: that they can snag a generational talent (Durant), and 3 or 4 complementary elite pieces (Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka) and then pray they can shoot up the charts and capture a title before the inevitable dismantling.
1.) Lebron James is the definition of self-centered, ungrateful, and POS. When I think of Lebron James, I think of the John Goodman Tranksgiving reference on Family Guy.
2.) I fully heartily agree with that. David Stern is running the NBA into the ground. Everyone needs to stop watching basketball, buying team merchandise, and associating with the NBA in all forms.
Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post

I hope Bosh enjoys being the flat tire of a third wheel that he was to get his championship.

When I saw his disproportionately small, grinning pinhead I wanted to reach into the TV nether-verse and grab his scrawny, disrespectful, injury-prone, giving-up, bi-atch faker, neck and squeeze as hard as I could.

Enjoy your ring Bosh. Just remember you got as an "after thought" as opposed to being the "Go-to-guy" like you would have been here.


LeBron can P/O too. Arrogant, self serving, god complex, pos.

Happy for Wade, Haslem. etc.

As for Bosh again, he is just the last in a long line of star atheletes that show this town no respect, showing his true pos colours. So...(If I wrote what I wanted it would never pass the mods.)

End Rant.
My thoughts exactly. He is so self absorbed that it is disgusting. The NBA is a joke nowadays with all these egoistic, disrespectful, ungrateful, arrogant players. This isn't basketball anymore. It's hilarious to see Bosh thinking he was a big reason for the victory, it was all James and Wade. Congrats to everyone apart of the Heat organization not named Chris Bosh and Lebron James.

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