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06-22-2012, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
What are you talking about? He sold out to keep the puck in. I actually thought it was a very good read on that play. Obviously it went horribly wrong - but not due to the hit, rather due to the fact that his helmet came off and he hit the dasher.

If his health is at risk, he should of course call it a career, but if he can fully recover, he absolutely should come back - and learn to secure his damn helmet better.
first off: everybody's health is at risk playing this game. he just has a higher risk of suffering another concussion if he can afford the risk, i'm sure we will see him back on the ice.

second: are you people seriously that dumb with the helmet? helmet straps come off or break. it has absolutely nothing to do with how he had it fastened. that's completely ignorant. guy's helmets come off all the time. mikey was unfortunate. the hit caused the helmet to come off (he probably would've been concussed-- though less time-- even with the helmet).

the straps aren't foolproof. you get hit by a wall there's a chance it breaks, a chance it unsnaps, and a chance it flies off. i could've sworn (though this may have been a lundqvist strap around the time) that somebody said the strap broke on his helmet at some point in that game. if anything they should be addressing the need for stronger straps-- though then you risk some other injury i'm sure.

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