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06-22-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
But can he do anything other than eat up minutes against top players? Can he move the puck quickly out of trouble? Can he occasionally skate it up? Can he turn the puck from defense to offense?

One thing this team has had a lot of trouble with is getting stuck in its own end because they can't move the puck up. They can have great defensemen who clear the crease and block shots, but if the other team can set up and cycle for 30-60 seconds even strength several times a game, you're playing with fire.

With Trouba, I just worry he's going to become another Nick Schultz type player who, yeah, plays some big minutes and defends against the rush and has strong position. But then what does he do when gets the puck? Chip it off the glass? Try and get it to a D partner (Brodin?) who can make a better pass?

Maybe he'd be an excellent #2 to Brodin's #1. I dunno, I'm not a scout. I'm just not drooling over this guy at #7.
One thing I can say in Trouba's defense vis a vis this team, he's different from what we currently have in system (aside from possibly Scandella). We're stockpiling puck movers to fix our issues from last year, but when it comes down to it, we had two problems on defense last year. We had no puck movers, but we also didn't have anyone clearing the crease the whole season. With Brodin, Gilbert, and Kampfer brought in, I think we're at the position where we can look to fix one or the other (or both if possible in the same guy) rather than needing to just focus on puck movement. Personally I'd like to fix the third, unmentioned issue of taking shots from the blue line.

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