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06-22-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
Uh, pot calling kettle alert.

I didn't say that he said it was the basis for for a fair deal, I said "he apparently thought it was the basis for a fair deal."

I don't understand why people insert other words or words that they prefer to hear!

And we're talking about two different clips here. You're talking about the mock draft, I'm talking about another one, where James Duthie asked what would it take for the Oilers to trade away the pick. McGuire said that if he was Tambelli he would call up Marc Bergevin and tell him that he was going to trade him the #1 pick for PK Subban and the #3.

Duthie then asked McGuire if he really thought you could get Subban and the #3 pick and McGuire replied "You'd have to put somethin' else in there, but absolutely I think you could do it."

Let me bold that part, because it's a direct quote, word for word, no words being put anywhere:

"...absolutely I think you could do it."

So, if he now says that he wouldn't do it as GM of Montreal, then why the heck does he "absolutely think you could do it?"
Quoting someone as to what they said or wrote without the evidence is just hearsay. May I suggest that you produce the clip so we can all hear it for ourselves.

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