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Originally Posted by Provost View Post
Yep... with so many teams with very questionable goaltending going into next season it is almost certain that at least one of them will fail miserably and not meet expectations at all.

A GM facing a 2-8 start to the season where their goalie has been ventilated for 4 or 5 goals a game is going to be scrambling around for a solution REALLY fast to save their season. The rose coloured glasses don't take too long to come off. More ideal circumstances for the Canucks at that point if there isn't much being offered now.
I have no doubt that both goalies would come back as a tandem (Schneider's agent has said as much) if they knew it wasn't a permanent solution.

The only downside is if the Canucks have a plan in place and manage to get a top UFA/RFA this summer and need the cap space. Without that, they have no particular need to free up any cap space by dumping Luongo.
Unless the new CBA gives more flexibility it's doubtful that Luongo is possible as a trade during the season. Or if it happens Canucks would have to take more back in salary then they would during the offseason. Too hard to even out all the cap implications during the season makes it hard to do trades. It's a good idea but I think waiting works out right up until the season starts, might increase value but once the season starts it gets harder to do a deal.

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