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04-08-2006, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by begino
Hi, may I ask you fo short translate, please?,2789,806600,00.html

I can give you a quick summary of the incident.

Frölunda had a practice in Frölundaborg, preparing for the first game of the SEL finals tomorrow. after 15 minutes of the practice Sebastian Karlsson and Anti Jussi Niemi were infront of the net batteling for the puck. Accidently Salo got hit below his eye by one of the players stick. Salo started bleeding much and was taken off the ice and had too be taken to the hospital.

It looks good since the stick didn't hit his eye so his vision isn't affected. The only problem can that can stop him from playing tomorrow is if he can't wink with his eye.

Edit: Frölunda's official site says that he'll probably play tomorrow.

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