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06-22-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Boltsfan2029 View Post
He may make the most sense for Tampa to you, however, he makes no sense for Tampa given the plan the GM has in place, salary or not. He wants his #1 to be the same age range as Stamkos and Hedman, and he has flat out stated no long term contracts. The money wouldn't be a hindrance in and of itself, but, salary/contract combined doesn't work. We could have done it, it's just not in our best interest.

SY has said it's a Garon/Lindback tandem to start and that the goalie search is over for the summer. He's not trying to win the Cup this year (it would be some wonderful gravy, of course), his plan is, and always has been, the long term picture. He's told the fans this, we're prepared for it. And, frankly, no matter how bad Garon/Lindback could be, they can't possibly be worse than last year, when we still managed to get darn close to making the playoffs. SY is planning to upgrade the defense. If the goalies are even just a smidge better, the season should be much better as we will also be (hopefully) starting the season with players who are healthy (last year we had as many as 9-10 starters out injured at the same time).
I have never been of the mind Lui should go to TBay, thought Shniedes was SY target though, having said that I am curious to know Salary Cap not being an issue (as I think a huge part of the deal was a non starter (Vinny was never waving his NMC)). If you guys were that close to making the playoffs, with from what we can agree was terrible goaltending, what makes you think with a good goalie top 10 in the NHL that you wouldn't have been contenders? Again don't think a trade was ever going to happen between us just curious.

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