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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
Its been far too long since the Leafs have been in the playoffs that's for sure. But I'm curious....what does that have to do with what Brian Burke thinks of Reimer?
I've lived through Burke... When Burke was here, I was something like you... I was convinced that Burke knew what he was doing acquiring Cloutier... I was convinced that Burke knew what he was doing acquiring Weekes... I was convinced that Burke new what he was doing acquiring Potvin... and the list goes on... Could have got another goalie... but the cost was too high! It didn't make sense! It was against Burke's plan! The price was absurd!

I was happy to learn that Burke almost got Kiprisoff... But, if you hear about the reason why Burke missed out on Kiprisoff, it was rather silly, IMO...

Burke's got this pre-conceived notion about how much goaltenders should cost... He'll convince he's right (those who want him to be right)... He'll hurt the team, and miss playoff games because of it, IMO... I don't think that Burke is a good judge of goaltenders... He was even wrong about Giguere in Toronto the 2nd time around... He just doesn't have that gift to evaluate goaltenders, IMO...

What does missing the playoffs for far too long (what has it been... 6 or 7 years?) have to do with what Brian Burke thinks of Reimer? IMHO, the Canucks should have been cup contenders (and much better playoff team) years ago, if Burke just didn't screw around with the goalies... I think, that if Burke sticks with the Reimer plan, it'll more likely harm, than help, the Leafs chances for playoffs...

Here, Burke has a chance to get an excellent goaltender... and I think he's screwing around again... History repeating itself... I think in a few years, Toronto might have a playoff team - if going the path of young talent mixed with quality veterans? If Riemer turns out to be a #1, Toronto might win a playoff round or two or three? I don't see how, in a few years, even if Riemer turns out perfectly, he puts Toronto in a better position to win the cup... than acquiring Luongo today... If anything, Luongo probably gives the opportunity for more kicks of the can... I wouldn't bet on Riemer turning out, given Burke's goalie evaluation track record... I get it, Riemer is the "real deal"... So was Weekes... So was Auld... Getting an excellent #1 goalie isn't easy... The young ones, you never know which will pan out... I think Schneider was the 3rd or 4th goalie drafted in the first round of 2004? If Burke had even a decent enough batting average with evaluating goalies, sure, put faith in it... But he's pretty terrible in this regard, IMHO...

As I said in an earlier post, I'd rather see Toronto a playoff competitive team... I'd rather Toronto be a rival, than a Boston... It would add to my entertainment... I know that I would probably watch Hockey Night in Canada more, if Luongo was in net for Toronto, and if Toronto was a "rival" type team... My opinion is that Luongo would "flip a switch" with some of your veteran players, and Toronto would be much better, much sooner... But it doesn't really matter to me, I'm not invested in Toronto... If you think that you shouldn't get Luongo because the price is too high, that's great too... My opinion is that Toronto isn't getting Luongo... I think it's too bad, for Toronto... But, such is life

As long as you're happy with the Leafs, you being a Leafs fan, and are getting good entertainment, all is great...

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