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06-22-2012, 03:26 PM
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Dean will be back for sure. I know someone during one of the post-victory interviews asked him about Sutter's return and he basically said he wasn't going to talk about the future right now. I think Sutter will return, at least I pray he does! He's gotta ride this pony until it won't run no more. It's kinda funny reading fans of other teams say that Sutter eventually wears out his welcome because of his style (hello accountability!). Well, good thing he won the Cup his first almost full season if you count playoffs! I figure he's got around 4 or 5 more years of this before the players tune him out .

Someone mentioned Ken Holland earlier as a model for Dean Lombardi and what he can become for us. One of the things I always admired about the dynasty Wings and Avalanche, was that they could break in young talent without rushing them and mix them in with vets to give them the best opportunity to do well. It's what they did with Drury, Datsyuk, Hedjuk and the like. Gone are the days for us when those young rookies HAD to be Calder candidates for us to have a chance at being successful. There's a development program and a pecking order in place, so that when you do get here, you're ready for the most part. We just had 3 rookies play important roles in this Playoff run. 3rd liner, 4th liner, 2nd pair defenseman. That's pretty damn good. That's how you keep it going for years and not just one.

Just watching the NHL awards, I understand why some candidates won. But I think it's pretty awesome that when considering the entire year, Quick, Sutter and DL were likely the best at what they did this year. We've all heard the arguments about Henrik etc., but by most measures, Quick was the best in both seasons. I think someone on NHL Network said that Sutter was the Coach of the Year, but since he's not a finalist, he went with Hitch.

I understand why Armstrong was named GM of the year. He hired Hitch. But what else did he actually do except have a healthier lineup and sign some veteran 4th liners? Dean hired Sutter, traded for Richards and then Carter. Much more active. Not to mention all of the not so noticeable aspects of being a GM like having a deep prospect pool and Cap management. Dale Tallon built those 2010 Blackhawks, but he sold out to do it. Went all in Florida Marlins style and the team had to be broken up because it wouldn't have been possible with their salary structure. I give DL full marks for saying all along that he didn't want that to happen to his team. And it didn't and it likely won't for the near future. So all things considered, DL for GM of the last 3 years!

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