Thread: Tidbits: Fire Chuck (Not really)
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06-22-2012, 02:50 PM
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I think I'm willing to give Fletcher the benefit of the doubt.

He seems to have a phenomenal draft system in place that has done a really good job of restocking our formerly barren farm system. Regardless of if its his doing or the people who he brought in to do scouting and whatnot, he's still the guy running the show.

And as for not putting an NHL team on the ice, I think he is probably icing the best team he can with the hand he has been dealt. First couple of years he was dealing with a "win now" owner so he had to make moves with the goal of "playoffs now" in mind. Since then he's been a lot better, now that ownership is onboard for his long term plan.

And as for free agents and trades... its not like Minnesota is a very attractive destination. Especially during Richards tenure here. Who in their right mind would want to come to an apparently incompetent hockey club with an even more apparently incompetent coach at the helm? Not anyone who wants to win, thats for sure, and I'm pretty sure ability to win is pretty high on the list of any free agent worth pursuing. If we had wanted to get any kind of good free agent, we would have really had to overpay.

Trades are different. And trades have been discussed to death elsewhere. It's just not like he can magically make a trade appear out of thin air. So I dont think theres anything more that needs to be said.

This offseason I think is the offseason things finally change. We're at a tipping point with our prospects now where several of them are realy to turn pro and contribute at the NHL level, either by earning a roster spot out of camp, or by being a competent call up that can handle top 6 spot duty when we inevitably get hit by injuries. Last years problem was a total lack of top-6 depth, and that's going to be corrected at last.

I think we'll finally be at least a moderately attractive destination to free agents now because were finally at that point where were ready to explode out of the gutter and wreck havoc on the league. We got a good glimpse of that last year before injuries hit and blew our team to shreds before mid december.

This year should be the start of something really special, and this offseason and upcoming season is where we can finally properly judge GMCF.

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