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06-22-2012, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Boltsfan2029 View Post
Well, what I said was that trading him would be more difficult at that point. I didn't address waiver or buyout, as I'm of the unpopular opinion that the language in the SPC which states all contracts will comply with the new CBA means Lu's will, too (especially as to procedural matters, which wouldn't have anything to do with the present grandfathering, anyway), so I'm not thinking waiver possibilities until we know what the rules will be on that process. I respect your opinion if you disagree and think it would be easy to trade him then, but at that point he would be... 37 or 38 and I think that, coupled with his contract, would make a trade harder to accomplish.
Fair enough.

As for trading him, I think the current Thomas situation shows why trading Luongo (who will be the same age as Thomas is now) won't be that difficult.

Thomas has lifted his NTC so that the Bruins can move him - thus allowing some cap floor team to add to their cap hit (probably the Islanders). Luongo could do the same thing.

Furthermore built in to Roberto's contract is a team option to trade him in 5 years. Not much of an issue really.

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