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Originally Posted by E = CH²
The reasons why I criticized Gainey still stand somewhat.

Didn't ink the right guys long term, inked the wrong guys long term.

Markov was always the better defender of the habs. Gainey only had his bad season to base himself on (father dying of cancer, injuries, etc). He didn't sign him for long enough, should have inked them right here and there. I know you are going to say : Eh, it's easy to say in hindsight. Well it's not in hindsight, it's what I thought back then, and I still think it. Particularly after the playoffs. He had picked up his game big time by then and had very good playoffs. I knew he'd explode this season and I said it numerous times on this board as well. Markov's talent is just too easy to notice for anyone having anything ressembling an eye for hockey.

But that isn't so bad because we can still resign him, altough it's going to cost a lot.

2nd mistake, ink Koivu for only one year.

3rd mistake, that awful contract to Theodore.

4th mistake, trading Garon. Ok, yes huet is playing amazing hockey, but that trade is pure luck. Gainey was getting 2nd/3rd line shutdown center and a back up. Not a #1 keeper and a 4th liner. Gainey had no idea, nor did ANYONE else, huet was going to be that good. It put him into a weak negotiating position with Meehan's client and he had to bend over.

5th mistake, sign Dagenais, Sundstrom... Why ? Especially when we could have had a guy like Lappy instead. I'd much rather overpay for him than for Dagenais or Sundstrom.

6th mistake, the contract to Dandenault. I'm sure the contract was signed with the thought that Dandy could be something more than he was in Detroit. Not the case, the guy is a born bottom pairing guy. He's finally started to come into his own at the end of the season, but let's see him keep playing like this before thinking it was a fair price to pay for him.

One thing I disagreed with was the trade of Hossa for Murray. Simply because I thought Murray was useless since he had been cut from a poor rangers teams with a rather unknown 3rd and 4th lines (before the season began). It's not that I thought Hossa was destined for greatness for sure. It's just that I'd rather have gambled he reached it then acquire a dime a dozen 4th line pluggers.

Now, he corrected most of those mistakes, and it takes a man to see his mistakes and have the guts to assume them by correcting the situation.

I never had any question that this season would be a good one. I expected 5th place.

Mistake 1- 100% agree. Since Markov is my favorite Hab I wanted him signed long term, it's clear he's our top defensemen back then even though Souray was getting more ice time. I think with Souray you get a vocal leader but Markov has the skills Souray will never have. I also was disappointed that Komisarek got only 1 year but that's just me.

Mistake 2- I don't agree at all. Koivu has paid his dues, been our top player for many years. Heart and soul of the team imo. I think he paid a bit too much at 4.5 and a cap hit of 4.75, would have liked to see him sign closer to 4M personally but I think it was classy move to sign him long term after a couple years of 1 year deals. I also have to think Gainey was sending a message to the team and future UFA's but perhaps I'm looking to much into it. Either way I'm happy Koivu will remain a Hab.

Mistake 3- Big mistake imo, compounded by the huge mistake Savard made. The damage was already done by Savard who gave a raise from 1.65 to 5M (3.35M raise). With Theo having one of the top agents in the league, I don't think he had a lot of options but it was still a really bad deal. I can't see how anyone would have expected Theodore to forget how to stop pucks but even if he played his usual self it's hard to think he would make 11.5M over the next 2 seasons. Thankfully he corrected this mistake, and that took guts to move him.

Mistake 4- I hated the trade, big Garon fan seems like a great guy, always thought he was the opposite of Theodore in terms of personality. I lost all respect for Theodore after his 2nd hold out, but I always liked the way Garon carried himself. But it was an effort to bring size down the middle (he did say right after the trade that Bonk was not brought in for offense and would be on the 3rd line center) and with Huet he got a backup at about 600K cheaper since Garon was going to get over 1M and Huet was at 456K. The trade backfired on him early on with Bonk looking like crap and Huet injured. But over time it has worked out, yes he got lucky that the backup he got turned out to have a truely breakout year.

Mistake 5- Dags and Sundstrom. I personally don't see why they wouldn't be resigned. Dags came off a career year and while at the time perhaps he didn't really take into consideration what the effect of the new rules would have on Dags. To me he was a cheap depth player that can score goals. I am not a fan of Dags at all but I thought it made sense to bring him back. Too bad it backfired since Dags is all but worthless and costs the team 500K. Sundstrom has run out of gas but to me he's a decent depth player. It didn't work out, so another backfire.

But I don't understand about Lappy, did he say he wanted to sign here? I guess I never heard it officially. I believe I read he was never contacted by the Habs but I don't think I ever heard if he said he wanted to come here. Personally if I were him I'd rather play for the Avs since they always seem to have a shot at the cup. If he wanted to play here, that sucks we didn't get him cause he would be a nice fit with Begin! Personally I thought signing Vandermeer, Paul and Aitken were really crappy signings. Vandy for getting a one way (although it doesn't count against the cap) it's a waste of about 400K since a 2 way would have paid him more like 50K. I know they SORELY needed vets in Hamilton but boy were these guys disappointments. Aitken has been ok but Paul for the most part is brutal.

Mistake 6- I agree he gave too much to Dandy, 1.7M is a lot of dough for a bottom pairing guy and to sign him long term hurts. He has improved and I really like his speed/puck rushing but expected more from him. Hopefully he keeps up his improved play and it's nice to have more playoff experience and cup experience.

The Murray-Hossa trade I loved. I thought it was a smart move and a lucky one cause I didn't see why the rangers would trade a solid prospect for a guy that they likely might have had the chance to get on waivers. I can understand that they didn't want to risk not getting Hossa though and they had plenty of guys like Murray. I was surprised at the reaction on this board at the time since Hossa has never lived up to the hype (and I was a big supporter of Hossa, think he's got a lot of skills) but I felt that Murray is more the kind of guy we need and lack. I felt that Plekanec made Hossa expendable.

I'll add that I thought the Downey pickup was stupid since I didn't think he is much of a hockey player but so far I've been impressed with him. I liked the Simpson trade cause a 6th rounder isn't a big deal and Simpson brings depth.

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