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06-22-2012, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
Not much I can do about that.

Still not sure what you are arguing here. That he suggested that Steve Tambellini call up Marc Bergevin and propose the first overall "and something else" for PK Subban and the third overall is beyond dispute. So why in the heck would he say that - repeatedly - on national television if he didn't think it was a fair deal?? You yourself said that he shouldn't have proposed it if he knew it was pointless from Montreal's side of things. You yourself also said that he could have suggested Crosby and a 1st rounder, but he didn't. So you tell me, why DIDN'T he suggest Crosby and a 1st rounder? Because it's stupid, right? Because it makes no sense from Pittsburgh's point of view, even though, ostensibly, McGuire was speaking from Edmonton's point of view? He didn't say Crosby and a 1st rounder because he didn't believe it was a fair deal.

So why would he suggest Subban and the 3rd overall, if he also didn't think that was a fair deal?? NOW let me put some words in McGuire's mouth: "I'm gonna suggest a stupid deal on national television that totally fleeces Montreal, a deal I would never make had I of been named general manager of the Canadiens, because..."

Well, because why?
You're a delivering an ass-whooping clinic on McGuire fanboys and I am loving it.

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