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2004-2005 were very good, 4 players those two years, but even since then we haven't seen 2 or more players come out of a single draft. In my book you need at least 1 NHL player out of EVERY draft, if not more than 1. The Coyotes will not be a true contender until this is happening because you need those young assets to be able to trade for upgrades. Guys like Boedker are probably our best potential offensive guy and he could turn out to be Sjostrom 2.0. I'm sure there are not teams lining up to even get Boedker if he was available.

Assuming Turris joins the ranks above to give us someone from 2007 it shows that we've been able to get at least 1 NHL player from every draft 2004-2009, and 2010 will probably produce Gormley. Murphy probably would be the safe pick for 2011.

The other problem is with the exception of Winnik, only 1st rounders have panned out for the Coyotes. There is clearly a lack of identifying talent past the first round when the guys are most obvious. I guess at least the 1st rounders are panning out since 2004, but if we could add just one other successful pick every other year to make up for the occasional bust. In 16 years the Coyotes have 9 players, so just about 1 player every other draft.

Using the same standard (40 games or more for every year since their draft) comparing to the other teams in our division during the same time span:
Coyotes (9)...
Dallas (10): Morrow (1997), Miettinen & Ott (2000), J Jokinen (2001), Daley (2002), Eriksson (2003), Grossman (2004), Niskanen & Neal (2005), Benn (2007)
Anaheim (11): Cullen & Salei (1996), Leopold & Havelid (1999), Lupul (2002), Getlaf-Perry-O'Brien (2003), Smid (2004), Ryan (2005), Fowler (2010)
Los Angeles (14): E Belanger (1996), O Jokinen & Corvo (1997), F Kaberle (1999), Frolov-Lilja-Visnovsky (2000), Cammalleri (2001), Brown (2003), Kopitar & Quick (2005), Simmonds (2007), Doughty (2008), Clifford (2009)
San Jose (15): Sturm & Bradley (1996), Marleau & Hannan (1997), Stuart & Samuelsson (1998), Goc & Ehrhoff (2001), Michalek-S Bernier-Carle-Pavelski (2003), Setoguchi & Vlasic (2005), Demers (2008)

By comparison LA & SJ are almost averaging a player every draft.

The big difference is that most of all of those teams had many of their picks past the first round. LA & SJ have had a number of drafts where they picked up 2+ guys. Our drafting is more comparable to Dallas & Anaheim (in our division at least). It's no coincidence that SJ has been a contender for years and LA won the Cup this year and looks to be a contender for years to come.

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