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With the 61st overall pick, from Whitby in the OJHL, Dallas selects Devin Shore.

Height: 6' 0.25"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Wing Span: 76"
Shoots: L
Position: Center
Birthday: July 19th, 1994
2011-12: 41GP - 29G - 29A - 58PTS - 26PIM
Playoffs: 23GP - 7G - 25A - 32PTS - 10PIM

Les Jackson:
“He is a creative, crafty offensive player,” said Jackson. “He has some development needs. He’ll need to work on his foot speed and things like that, but he has real good hand skills and a real good mind. He’s dangerous offensively. He has a pretty unique offensive mind.”
Ranked 57th in Bob McKenzie's Final Rankings:
Devin is a solid all-around player who is concerned with one thing - What can I do to help the team win. Incredibly unselfish, when it comes to the critical times in the game, Devin will take the 'bull by the horns' and do whatever is in the best interests of the team. His skating base is good and with improved strength, it will help his speed and help him be that much more difficult to keep in check. He has good quickness and agility and he's able to change pace and make it difficult for defenders to gauge his pace. His sense is excellent and he knows how to play the entire square footage of the rink and how to contribute in every situation. He plays at the critical times and he is a learn and adjust player so he gains valuable experience during the game that can help him later. He is a strong competitor and is not going to allow himself to be denied or deterred form the task at hand. He makes those around him better and is capable of changing the direction of the game to his team's favour because of having his finger on the pulse and believing he can deliver.
June 17th, 2012 - The Next Ones:
In 41 games this past season with the Fury, this dominating power forward with fantastic stickhandling skills and brilliant passing abilities notched 29-29-58, including 9 goals and 17 assists on the power play. A prolific point-producer, Shore enjoyed 17 multi-point games and a 14-game scoring streak. He was named the Gongshow Gear South-East Conference Player-of-the-Month in January after a torrid stretch in which he scored 25 points in just12 games.

In Whitby’s sensational playoff run, Devin tallied 7-25-32 in 23 games as the Fury fell 4 games to 2 to the Stouffville Spirit in the OJHL Finals.

Although Shore gets knocked for not being the most aggressive player on the back-check, he played significant minutes on the team’s fourth-ranked penalty-kill and even chipped in a pair of shorties.

Scout’s Honor:

“Devin has been outstanding for our hockey club all season long. He is a very hard working player, who brings the same work ethic each night and is very good in both ends of the ice.”

- Whitby Fury Head Coach Curtis Hodgins.

“Devin Shore is a smart playmaker with good offensive instincts. He sees the ice well and has a quick read and react game. Not only does he create scoring chances, but he’s a proven goal scorer.”

- Dan Marr, Director of NHL Central Scouting.

“… [He's] a very slick puckhandler who beats defenders 1-on-1 despite his lack of foot speed, and is also a highly imaginative playmaker who sees the ice beautifully and can make touch passes through traffic off both sides of the blade.”

- Kyle Woodrief, Red Line Report.
“Developing scorer with patience, dangle, and good hands. Goes to the front, and reads the attack well. He doesn’t have a great first step but his long stride is able to be seen once he is moving.”
- Bill Placzek, Draftsite.

“An offensive-minded forward … [Shore] is an extremely smart player, knows where to go in the offensive zone and has the ability to anticipate the play two to three plays in the future.”

— Sean Lafortune.

ETA: 5 years

NHL Potential: Top 6 forward and key member of a first-unit power play.

  • Hockey sense; on the attack, this kid is plain dangerous
  • Playmaking; wherever he plays, he makes goal scorers out of his teammates
  • Power-Play prowess; Shore had a hand in 26 (9-17) of Whitby’s 52 power-play goals
  • Positional game; called “nearly flawless” by one scouting outfit

Flaws/Aspects He Needs To Work On:
  • Two way game. Five on five, Shore enthusiastically embraces the offensive zone. The defensive zone … not so much.
  • Skating. Not as fast as he needs to be at the next level.
With the 74th overall pick, from Jokerit in Finland, Dallas selects Esa Lindell.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Wing Span: 74.75"
Shoots: L
Position: Defense
Birthday: May 23rd, 1994
Jokerit U20: 48GP - 21G - 30A - 51PTS - 16PIM (+24)
Playoffs: 11GP - 2G - 5A - 7PTS - 6PIM - (+1)
Kiekko-Vantaa/Finland2: 2GP - 0G - 0A - 0PTS - 0PIM - (+1)
WJC-18: 7GP - 0G - 6A - 6PTS - 2PIM - (+4)

Kari Takko:
“Physically he is very raw. He’s smart with the puck skills and has a little bite,” said Takko. “The physical part of the game is the big area for him. If he is able to add muscle and strength, his skating will get better. His skating is not bad, but it’s a little wobbly. When he gets stronger he is going to be fine.

“He was sliding in the draft. If he had played the same way in the second half the way he played in the first half, he would have been a higher pick and gone by the third round. But he was tiring out, and that’s what I was saying about the physical part. So, that’s what he has to get better at.”
May 31st, 2012 - Ranked 74th by Corey Pronman:
74. Esa Lindell, Defense, Jokerit- Jr.A SM-Liiga

Lindell had a pretty successful year. While he didn't get to in the SM-Liiga, he impressively led his junior team in scoring as a defenseman. I wouldn't say Lindell is an overly impressive player from a skating or puck skills department who will wow you with skill, but he's a very smart, cerebral defender who makes a lot of good plays. He's average with the puck, but is coordinated enough to move it around fine. Lindell is patient with the puck under pressure, tends to always make the right read, and has the offensive instincts to join or lead the rush when he senses an opportunity. I don't see him as a guy who can blow down the wing but he has average speed, maybe a small tick below. Lindell has an average sized frame as well, although he needs to put on some muscle on it and I would not classify him as a physical player really. Despite his numbers this year, if you take Lindell, you're not taking this big offensive sleeper, but rather a good well-rounded type who could be a nice depth pick in the early mid-rounds.
With the 104th overall pick, from Owen Sound in the OHL, Dallas selects Gemel Smith.

Height: 5' 10.25"
Weight: 164.3 lbs.
Wing Span: 73.5"
Shoots: Left
Position: Center
Birthday: April 16th, 1994
2011-12: 68GP - 21G - 39A - 60PTS - 51PIM - (+9)
Playoffs: 5GP - 1G - 2A - 3PTS - 10PIM - (+1)
WJC-18: 7GP - 2G - 3A - 5PTS - 2PIM - (-1)

Les Jackson:
“People think he is small, but he plays a real spirited offensive game,” said Jackson. “He’s slippery, crafty. He plays with a lot of passion. I suspect he is going to find a way to make it hard on our team down the road to keep him off. He just plays a real determined game, and he’s talented.”
May 24th, 2012 - Ranked 47th by Corey Pronman:
47. Gemel Smith, Center, Owen Sound-OHL

The best way to describe Smith is as one Head Scout calls him, "A ball of energy who just flies all over the place." He has tremendous intangibles coupled with above-average if not better speed; considering his low muscle mass, he's the kind of forward who literally jets up and down the ice every shift. He's a tenacious forechecker who pressures the defense very well and regularly forces bad decisions with how quickly he closes in on the puck off shoot-ins to the zone. Smith also works equally hard on the backcheck, and despite his size projects to be a fine defensive forward. He's not an all-energy player, though, as he has a decent combo of puck skills and vision to make plays by himself or for his teammates. He's more the kind of player who can handle the puck well in tight spaces and make nice one-touches as opposed to a dangerous puck controller. Smith doesn't just chuck the puck at the net when he gets it, though, as he has some vision and instincts to make plays, and his overall hockey sense is pretty impressive.
June 7th, 2012 - The Last Word:
Smith is an outstanding skater. His top end speed is excellent, as seen by the results at the top prospects game. He possesses good acceleration, getting to top speed quickly and efficiently. Smith displays very good agility and great edgework leading to quick tight turns and changes of direction. He uses his superior skating to beat defenders wide on the rush, and create scoring chances. He also has very good balance and is strong on his skates given his size, something that is extremely important for a player as undersized as Smith is.

Offensively Smith’s speed is his biggest weapon, but certainly not his only one. He has a high hockey IQ and an ability to find open spaces in the offensive zone. A good playmaker, Smith has high level vision, and an ability to thread passes through tight spots and onto the tape of his teammates. Smith also has an accurate shot, with a good release, however Smith could stand to add more strength, and increase the velocity of said shot. Smith is a tireless worker in the offensive zone. Despite his lack of size, he is always in the middle of the action, be it along the boards or in front of the net. Smith is an agitating player despite his size and is able to get under the skin of his opponents. Smith can be overpowered at times, but the kid has no quit as you’ll see him right back in the middle of the action on his very next shift.

Smith works hard in the defensive zone, but this is where his lack of size is a real disadvantage. He does have good positioning skills and is a relentless backchecker. He pressures the puck well and can cause turnovers which he can quickly transition into offense. He engages opponents physically and is willing to battle along the boards, but he can be overmatched and overpowered by bigger, stronger opponents. This is particularly true when playing down low in his own end of the rink. Smith certainly could stand to add some muscle and bulk up before reaching the next level, as much as he can on his small frame. Smith might also be helped by a transition from centre to wing going forward.

Smith will need to continue to work hard to overcome the disadvantage of his limited size, however that is something he’s been doing his whole life. We would compare Smith’s potential to be a player who could be a cross between Nathan Gerbe of the Buffalo Sabres, and Brian Gionta of the Montreal Canadiens.
Originally Posted by Brock View Post
Smith was 16th [in Brock's OHL rankings].

Wind him up and let him go. Gemel Smith is like the energizer bunny. He plays with tons of energy and is an aggressive player in all three zones. His best asset is his high end speed and acceleration. He won the fastest skater event at the Top Prospect's Game, and this would have surprised no one who sees him play regularly. He uses his speed to create turnovers on the forecheck, to take the puck hard to the net, and to crash the crease for loose pucks. While Smith is undersized, he's also a very effective player along the boards because of how he keeps his feet moving. He simply outhustles the opposition instead of outmuscling them. He also uses that explosive acceleration to separate himself from the opposition and can be especially effective coming away from the boards. Smith's vision and playmaking ability is also underrated. While he creates a lot of offense from his hustle, he is also intelligent and patient with the puck and is a very good passer. I love how versatile he is as a player. He stepped right into a shutdown defensive type role at the Under 18's and looked solid. The key to his progression will be added strength. As he gets stronger, he'll be even more effective offensively, especially in taking the puck to the net. Added strength will also improve his shot and make him more of a goal scoring threat coming down the wing. Like any guy hovering around that 5'10/5'11 mark, he's going to face questions about his durability moving forward to the NHL level. This is especially true considering the style of play he utilizes.

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