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06-22-2012, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
It's a smart rule, that makes perfect sense. The absence of the rule would cause incredibly stupid situations of a team signing a high priced free agent to a 10 year 20m contract, which makes a 2m cap hit, the guy plays for 2 years (essentially earning 10m a year) and then retires.... cap hit gone. A team just saved 16m on their cap.

GMs knew the rule, well GMs except for Chiarelli. Nobody forced him to sign Thomas to an over 35 contract.
I understand what the rule is in place for, but in this situation I think it's stupid. In Thomas' situation, his contract is nothing like the 10 yr 20 mil contract you mentioned. I do understand they need to put in a rule to prevent something like this happening, but Thomas retiring one year early (or leaving the team, whatever) I don't think should be stuck on the B's cap.

I guess idk what the NHL could do to fix that, though. Only idea I have is maybe make this rule only apply to players who agree to an over 35 deal that takes them over the age of 40? For the record I feel this is the case if it happens to any other team as well, not just the B's. Hope they move Thomas now asap, get rid of that damn hit and get a winger.

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