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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
No I wouldn't.

I was on my own by the time I was 17 years old. By choice.

And the situations couldn't have been more different than you going to certain colleges and Lindros being drafted by a professional team.

Tell me, what was the rational used for not wanting to go play for Ottawa in Juniors or the Nordiques in the NHL?

And while your parents spoke to every coach (which was a good thing) did they have any impact on the school you chose?

I wish I would have gone away to college, but I know how I was when I was 17 and I can tell you that no matter how many conversations my parents had with the AD or the coaching staff at any school i was looking at, it would have had NO BEARING on the decision I made.
You are right, it was different. I wasn't looking for a scholarship. I wanted to play 1AA and at a good school. Lindros was dealing with potential millions of dollars. If I chose poorly, I could simply transfer (which I did). If he just sucked it up and said, "Fine, I will play at the Soo or I will play in Quebec and not rock the boat...", and wound up being miserable, well he was stuck. He would have had a contract that committed him to that team. If he was miserable, it could effect his play.

As far as my parents, it was ultimately my decision, but we were on the same page pretty much the whole time, so it was never an issue.

Do you think Brien Taylor's mom knew anything about the business of baseball? Doubt it, but I am willing to bet my lungs Brien is happy is mother took a stand.

Do you think Jeter's parents knew anything about the business of baseball? Doubt it. But, in 1992 he was the consensus best player in the country, similar to Lindros in his draft year. His parents came out and said, "We want $5MM or he is going to the University of Michigan." Could be off on the number, but it was a ridiculous amount of a signing bonus for that time. Moreso than Brien Taylor's $1.5MM. Anyways, the first 5 teams weren't willing to pay it, but the Yankees were. I would say his parents meddling has worked out. Guess what, they now run his affairs. My friends brother works for him and answers directly to his sister. His parents full-time job is managing him.

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