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04-09-2006, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by TheRocket
I just want to let you know that I have never seen Bulis as key contributor to this team and never will. He is gone and I honestly think that Bob would do the right thing by letting him go.

As for his game, his only visible weakness is that he gets pushed around quite easily along the boards, which does not allow him to win many battles for the puck. I definitely donít see as many downsides in his game as you do. It does not mean that he does everything else perfectly, yet I find him more effective in many other areas than Ryder and Zednik who have been doing exactly what you criticize Bulis for.

I think you mention that I donít back up my arguments with the concrete facts from the game? What facts are you looking for? In your posts I have not seen you discussing any concrete moments from the games. You just describe his overall game based on your subjective opinion so do I. Do you really want to discuss how Bulis has been playing? Lets start from the game against Devils.

As for Murray and his game, believe me Iím watching him. And lately he looks like a lost player who does not know where to go and what to do. He is running around a lot, but most of the time unproductively ( just like Bulis today). The only thing he does very consistently is getting himself in the slot. I canít say much about his game lately cause he has been non factor in the last three games.
Don't even try to say something. Bulis is bad, Murray is Jesus's Jesus. This is getting really ridiculous. Mike8 has many posts so he sees the game better, and knows everything better.

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