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04-09-2006, 03:22 PM
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First of all, regarding Kariya....he ALWAYS leaves the ice first....practice, games, doesn't a part of "the routine."

Couple of things to add:

Weber should not have had the -1.....Hamhuis was on the ice for the goal, not Weber. Hamhuis tried to play the puck at the halfboards right before it was passed out to Wisnewski at the point. Witt was down low and involved in the screen......I verified this on the tape.

I hate Barnaby with a passion, but he made a brilliant play to goad Weber into those offsetting roughing calls with 58 seconds to go in the game and 3:17 left in the double major highsticking penalty on Duncan Keith that was going to carry over into the overtime. That took away our right handed left point cannon on the PP, that we can't replace and totally screws up our 1st unit PP when he is out.
During that scrum in front of the net, Barnaby flies down from the left faceoff circle, plowing into Weber who was digging for the puck at the left Weber tried to rejoin, Barnaby crosschecked him three times in the back, with the last one knocking off his helmet.....Weber not one to back off from anything took off after him....thereby both getting roughing, and luckily had it not been from intervention from the linesman, would have been 5 minutes fighting majors taking him out of the entire overtime.
I may be giving Barnaby too much credit here, but watching it again.....Barnaby made a Beeline for Weber and kept at it until he hit paydirt.

I was much happier with our putting shots to the net this game, and last for that matter.....notice no cutsey passes at all. I think part of the problem is having Kariya and Sullivan out there together is a recipe for cutesy need someone to keep it simple at the left point and just put shots low and hard and on net.....Weber seems to be the ideal man for this right now......Will be interested to see what happens with the PP units when Sullivan and Z return.

Did you see Nichol make that save against Sharp after that cross ice pass had left Mason a bit delayed covering the right post....Nichol just tapped that thing out of mid air, like he was poking a single into opposite field....that was a beaut.

Mason is a much better shootout goalie than Vokoun....which won't mean squat come playoff time. They are all told to let the shooter make the first move, but Vokoun really has trouble doing that leaving himself wide open to the 5hole shot after the deke. mason is much better at waiting the shooter out. He had some good experience in Norway with it last year.

One of the reasons our PK has looked so much better is the return of Markov, Eaton, Nichol, and Walker......they do all the little unsung things to make us good....and it has really showed over our past few games.

Coincidence that we are not seeing anywhere near 40 shots on goal lately....I don't think so. Witt, Weber, and the return of Markov are key to breaking up the cycle....also without Sullivan and his "quick strike" poaching, we aren't so much of a counterstrike team, and are keeping the forwards with a defensive mindset and not being cycled endlessly or having so much difficultly clearing. I hope this mindst doesn't change when Sully comes back.

Without going into more detail.....Weber has completely moved in front of Suter on the depth charts for a number of reasons.....I would suspect that to continue except for some occasional plattooning to keep Suter game ready in case of injuries during the playoff run.

Hard game to watch, but be ready to watch us play this type of grind it out, lowscoring, tight physical type of game at least until our offensive weapons come back, and probably well into the playoffs.

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