Thread: Confirmed with Link: Wings sign Damien Brunner (1 year for $925K)
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06-22-2012, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by ZetterBurger View Post
I like this signing. If you watch the video it does look like he could run into some problems with transferring to the NHL. However, seeing that he will be playing with a lot of Europeans who have all transferred quite nicely to the NA game, I am not worried about him trying the fancy cuts or huge toe drags.

This is what I am looking at when I watch his video and why I think he has the ability to become a faster Hudler and then some.

0:05 - sees there is no pass, shoots with a very quick release and accurate
0:14 - forunate blunder by defenseman, doesn't try to dangle and roofs one
0:28 - uses full width of ice to gain space, shoots out of his deke
0:43 - scoring position, hand eye
0:48 - quick hands/release, shoots out of deke
1:07 - burst of speed, elevates puck
1:19 - quick release in a good spot to shoot
1:25 - good puck control, finishes
1:44 - low, hard shot
2:25 - no explanation needed, beauty
2:44 - quick release, accurate and uses defenseman to screen
2:57 - sees no pass, shoots accurately
3:11 - awareness, great hands in tight. This goal happens 30+ times per year in the NHL.
3:23 - good hands with a defender on him, hand eye
3:56 - coaches wet dream. sees the shot, gets open, stick down and buries it
4:00 - defender draped on him, gets a good shot off
4:08 - Datsyukian. Period.
4:11 - Datsyukian. Period. Period.
4:19 - great awareness and control, finish

So a few things are very clear to me about Brunner. He has very good puck control, but doesn't get too flashy. He makes deliberate, effective moves and rarely makes too many. Very quick release and is accurate with his shots. Doesn't pass up a good shot for a slick pass. Breakaway speed and can handle the puck at that speed. Long reach. HEAD UP.

He has the basic skills to be effective over here. I know that this video only shows the goods. I'm sure he has plenty of bad clips somewhere, and I'm sure some of the things that I like about him don't happen every game and he could pass up shots to make a pass. We don't know.

What we do know is that he has speed, hands, an above average hockey IQ, and a quick accurate shot. In my opinion, he seems taylor made for the third line with Helm. If you get those two on a line with another big body that can finish the chances he gets you could be looking at the best third line in the league. You can't have Helm with a pass first guy, and Brunner doesn't seem to be. It's a good signing in my opinion because you could potentially have a great 3rd line winger that can fill in temporarily in a top 6 role, which is something we lacked badly this past season.

Good signing, nothing to lose. Very high reward, relatively low risk the way I see it. Thanks for reading if you did.
Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
Good post Zetterberger. Here is my take from the video you posted.

1. I think they are sending Homer a message. Did you happen to catch Brunner's number?
2. At least he has a name that is a nickname. What are you going to call him other than Brunner?
3. I can never get enough Euro metal. Never. Ever.
4. Brunner looks to have good hand eye coordination.
5. He cuts through the slot and shoots the puck - is that legal?
6. My man Brunner has a good release. Recognize.
7. Dude scored a lacrosse goal. Bad. Ass.
8. Some guys have a nose for the net and he may be one of those guys. Maybe. No harm in signing him and giving him a shot.
9. Oh wait! Are they sending Jiri Hudler a message? Oh God, please make it so.

All I'm seeing is a guy capitalizing on brutal defensemen and goalies. Do people believe in defense in Switzerland?

Good for Brunner for making the best of it, though.

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