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06-22-2012, 11:29 PM
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The team that wins the trade 95% of the time is the team that leaves with the best player. Picks and prospects and young growing players, 95% of the time, make sure the best player in the deal is coming your way and you'll be fine. Prospects fizzle and picks turn into nothing and young players underachieve far more often than established players forget how to play the game in their prime.

We got hosed. What a stupid trade. Dealt with a growing player who couldn't get his legs under him and was unsure in the offensive zone. Finally grow him into an NHL player. Ship him away for another growing player who is unsure in the offensive zone and can't seem to get his feet under him. What's the best possible scenario for Sutter, that he turns into a Jordan Staal type of player? What happens then, do we ship Sutter away for another project?

(I said exactly this last year with the Flyers. What's the best possible option for the Flyers, that Schenn turns out to be as good as Mike Richards? You already have Mike Richards, why trade for someone you _hope_ grows into him?! You saw how that turned out.)

I don't know anything about the pick, but people seem even angrier about that.

The only solace I have is that I have to assume that this meant Staal was leaving when his contract was up, and at least this way we got something. But I'm not going to be all sugar and rainbows about this deal.

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