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06-22-2012, 11:32 PM
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Sucks that Fedor never fought in the UFC. Even now it still would have been interesting. Out of curiosity, who does everyone think takes a Fedor-Anderson fight (currently).

Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove View Post
We are very close to having no Fedor, Tito, Chuck, Anderson & Randy in MMA.

I just don't feel as excited by the new blood like Jon Jones, Ben Henderson and JDS. Yeah they're incredible fighters, but when I first started watching MMA it seemed like the top guys were larger than life. I don't get that same feeling anymore. I miss the days when MMA was gritty and unpolished. Jon Jones has the personality of a mainstream football player, whereas guys like Tito wore "Dana is my *****" t-shirts to a weigh-in.
I could not agree more. And I think the ratings and PPV numbers support this idea. You hit the nail on the head. Guys like Chuck, Tito, etc., they were larger than life. They were characters. You couldn't wait to see their next fight. Just aren't a whole lot of those guys around anymore. It's way too vanilla. And even though a lot of it is scripted, that's why I like a guy like Sonnen. Hell even Bisping who I'm not necessarily a fan of, I appreciate the fact that at least he's not bland. That's why Lesnar (pre-surgery especially) was such a draw. He was larger than life, and he said whatever he wanted. That's what draws interest. I don't know exactly how the UFC goes about remedying this, but they're gonna need to figure something out. I don't see the current product ever reaching the level they achieved when Brock was champion, and that's unfortunate.

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