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06-23-2012, 01:05 AM
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Why can't we seem to get a discussion going to about this kid? Why does it have to be either "he's the best player in the draft," or "He is the worst pick in the draft."

No reasonable and well thought our comments are being responded too.

What are the knocks on him? --- He plays in an inferior league. Because of this he is very raw and unproven.

So what happens next year if he puts up incredible numbers in Dubuque? If he was born 3 days later he would have been a 2013 draft pick? Would he then be considered a top 10 pick with that size and skill set?

Now everything that I said is just assumptions, but thats all there is right now.

Can anyone argue with what I said?

I find it mind blowing that there is probrobly 2-3 people one this board that have seen him play, yet make claims about him as if they are pro scouts.
Yet everyone doubts what Calgary scouts have to say about him? Would this be the first time that a good player ranked late 1st-2nd was successful?

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