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06-23-2012, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by geowild View Post
Btw, what the heck was Jordan Staal thinking getting married on draft day, the year before his deal is up, when he *clearly* knew he wasn't going to sign in Pittsburgh to be a 3rd line center for the next 10 years?

Did his fiancee make him do it to prove his love? Gosh, I hope not, or that marriage is in trouble.

Did his brother, who obviously is there, do some kid of Machiavelli thing to arrange that to make the final push as secret go-between on going to Carolina?
Someone in the Draft thread in the Prospects' forum said the funniest joke about this very thing, but I can't recall it exactly. Went something like....

Staal's fiance: "to have and to hold, for bett.."
Priest: "Wait. We have a trade to announce."

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