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06-23-2012, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Grillinnap View Post
Yeah, but the problem is his trade value is down. Way down. We should've traded him back in 2010 when he was pitching well in meaningless games. We need bats badly. Getting sick of this small ball BS, which we suck at. I'm also hoping Chris Reed gets called up ASAP.
Ill admit that his value is down but he is one of those guys GMs think could use a change of scenery. The guy looks brilliant some games and then nights like tonight you just shake your head. With the Dodgers being in on Oswalt before he signed with the Rangers and hearing our names mentioned in the Dempster sweepstakes, it makes you think where they would put a new pitcher. Lily will be back soon and Harrang isnt going anywhere. I think you may be right about Bills being the odd man out if we get another pitcher. Eovaldi has been great but he has options and we know how Ned usually handles that.

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