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06-23-2012, 07:58 AM
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Anyone see Prometheus yet?

No Spoilers below!!!

Saw it last night in Imax 3D and LOVED it. I love movies and books that leave you with more questions than answers. I know its getting hammered by people because of the plot holes and what not but I dont look at said Plot holes as a problem. I think people nowadays are just too used to being spoon feed their story-lines and were waiting for a movie that wraps a 30+ year old franchise up with a nice little bow. Prometheus doesn't do that and people are pissed.

I think one thing that has been lost in people's reviews of the movie is its being shot in a aspect, especially in Imax 3D, that gives the viewer the feeling of "being there" and seeing things in "real time" ala "The Office" or "24". In real life, not all questions are answered in real time folks! Its definitely a "react here, in the now and ask questions later" type movie. And thats what it does a fantastic job of doing. If you walked out with more questions than answers, it did what it was intended to design.

I loved it and will go see it again tomorrow. Highly recommend in Imax 3D!

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