Thread: Speculation: Did Katz overrule the Oil brass?
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06-23-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Slatsmsg View Post
It seems to me by the tone of your comments, and of course without hearing the inflection in your voice, that you feel the Oilers made a mistake in not drafting Murray.

Historically speaking, and if I need to present examples I will, defencemen taking a longer time to make a positive impact than forwards do. Further, Yakupov was the consensus BPA and, when there is a clear cut, you have to make that call or trade down if the BPA is not what your current needs are.

Looking at the Oilers prospects on D, and given that they have had some rime to develop of the last 1-3 years, the influx of talented young D men has begun (insert Petry) and will grow rapidly with adds like Klefbom. The Oilers D may be lacking today but Murray would not have been able to impact the team the way Yakupov can today.
Many times Tambo speaks of his players as assets and, again today, he added another significant asset. This add allows the Oil to move one of the top 4, if the appetite is indeed there, to add that elite defencemen that has already established himself and that we don't have to wait forever to realize.
Lastly, we still don't have a coach and I believe that speaks volumes. The Oilers need to get that decision right. The next coach needs to be able to work with the young guns and put into place a system that accentuates the talent of the players they have accumulated. He needs to have the proper posture to hold them accountable yet garner their respect. A good coach does wonders to a group, Hitchcock, Darryl Sutter as prime examples.

While frustrating for the fan base, a wholesale rebuild takes time and I believe we are close. It wasn't that long ago when Horcoff was the number one center.

A couple of key free agent adds with some grit to stand up for the young guys (I saw a thread for Ott and thought that he was a great fit) and one or two D men, coupled with a good coach and I see this team pushing for a playoff spot.

Just my 2 cents. As for the OP, if Katz did over rule the hockey ops people, good on him. The right decision was made today.
Actually I completely agree with your post except for the last sentence and the coaching to a lesser degree. With the 2012 pick my players of choice were Galchenyk and Yakapov. This team needs defencemen that will help the team immediately...not in 5 years. I also agree about the need for grit. I have been pounding the dman and grit drum for 3 years now. Still waiting for Tambo to figure this out and actually do something of value.
Maybe he has learned from his mistakes and this year is finally the year. Doubtful but it might happen.

As for the OP and a possible Katz over rule....right decision or not it lends itself more to failure than success when a non hockey person starts making player acquisition decisions.

Regarding the coaching...a coach does matter but Hitchcock and Sutter had balanced rosters to work with. Renney had a junk defence, below average goaltending and a small soft forward group to work with. No system is going to resolve that...too many holes in the roster.

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