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06-23-2012, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by drownedsailors View Post
So because a team takes the high road they're considered soft?!?...yup that definitely makes sense Oh and that so called "soft" tactic actually worked considering we used it to beat the dirty Broadstreet Bullies *ahem* oh sorry I meant Pittsburgh Penguins

Anyways, we shouldn't do anything and I don't expect the team to do anything. Neal got suspended and we moved on to the next round...that's's over and done with.

Edit: Also, you can't take a dirty team and call them The Broadstreet Bullies, the Bullies were a lot more than just a dirty team.
Yet we got pushed around by NJ and did jack ****.

Soft team is soft.

You are right, you need to have grit and talent to win.

This team has both but only chooses to play with grit when they want to.

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