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Originally Posted by FerrisRox

*I'm* ignorant of something?!?

Wow, you've got a lot of balls to make such a comment after the ridiculous things you've written in this post!

You make the absurd remark that Chelios "played for years with torn MCL and ACL in each of his knees" and then you provide a quote that says "he was nagged by a knee he perhaps should have been rehabilitiating?"

"He was nagged by a knee?" Yeah that's the same as two full blown knees!


Do you have any clue how moronic it is to suggest that a hockey player would lace up with a torn MCL and a torn ACL? You actually say he tore BOTH MCLS and BOTH ACLS!!! Then you take it the step further and say that he continued to play on them for years!

I literally have tears in my eyes that you could say something that hilariously over the top, then have the balls to suggest i'm ignorant of the facts on Chelios!

Let's not even get into the fact that he scored 63 points as a rookie and piled up 73 as a Norris winner and you said he wasn't adept at offense! LMAO

Please, respond to this... you're hilarious!

You sir, are a joke...

First, go and look up stats for some of the really offensive defensemen throughout history like Coffey and Bourque...and this isn't even mentioning #foura Bobby Orra. Then tell me that Chelios was offensively in their class.

More importantly, Mr. Ignoramous, do try reading that Bruce Dowbiggin book. It'll make even you sound like you know what you are talking about.

if you weren't such a lazy butt and did some research before going and spewing your non-sense and idiocy all over the place, I'm sure you would have found this and numerous other articles on your own but consider this my going away present since I'm done with you.

Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL); 2/22/2001; Sassone, Tim

Byline: Tim Sassone Daily Herald Sports Writer

Sidelined since Nov. 20 because of major surgery on his left knee, Chris Chelios is ready to return to the Detroit lineup.

"Friday, maybe. Sunday for sure," Chelios said Wednesday after skating at the United Center with his teammates.

It was never an option for Chelios to make Wednesday his comeback game against the Blackhawks.

"I didn't need this the first time back," Chelios said. "I don't need everyone booing me in my first game."

Chelios had been playing without an anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee ...

and then from the official wings was for MCL and the other for ACL.

2000-01: Appeared in only 24 games due to knee injuries....Missed five games after first knee surgery 10/20/2000....Missed 44 games after second knee surgery 11/20/2000....

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