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11-28-2003, 06:19 PM
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This bashing of Koivu is ridiculous. He played 82 games last year. Okay, so he missed 13 this year, but look at Lemieux, Mogilny, and Allison. Those guys are all out for a long time, tell their respective GM's to trade them, eh?

Koivu not a first line centre? Give me a break. What is your definition of first line centre? Koivu has elite talents, but he is playing with a talented, streaky sniper and a 23-year-old spark plug. No one should be expecting Saku to be posting Joe Sakic type numbers, but I think 6 points in 9 games is respectable, don't you? By New Years, he will be comfortably be leading our club in points, I'll bet you my Christmas list on that.

I have a sneaky suspiscion that this all has to do with Mike Ribeiro. I love to watch him dangle as much as the next guy, but as was previously mentioned, with Ribeiro (or Perreault) as first line centre, we are no better than Pittsburgh. I give little Mike credit for trying so hard to improve defensively and on the scale, but he's not capable of first line duties. At the rate he's going, he'll be lucky to hit 185 pounds by the time he's 28. I'm not about to suggest we go out and acquire a Gratton or a Primeau, because it's not about height. We need strong, dedicated, skillful, fast, brave players to build a core around. That is the definition of Saku Koivu's game, not Mike Ribeiro's.

The media praises Ribeiro like no other, so if we were to trade him the majority of the french-speaking Montrealers would go nuts. They are simply blinded by a street hockey player who can stickhandle your eyes out names Mike Ribeiro.

I hate to relate this to language, but if Koivu (and even Higgins) were Quebecois, Koivu would be in the same league as Guy Lafleur in most fans' eyes. If anyone wants to pitch in, I'll send Saku the money so that he can change his name to Pierre-Marc or Jean-Phillipe, than there would be no more "trade Pierre-Marc" threads.

Again, I hate to relate it to language and English/French type situations, but the francophone Montreal media is incredibly biased towards their homegrown talent. Fine, that's understandable, but they have no right to knock others simply because they cannot pronounce their names.

To reinforce the statement, this trade Koivu talk, is, in my opinion, bullcrap. He is everything a Montreal Canadien should be. This hoopla surrounding Ribeiro is simply a result of the recent french canadien players being the laughing stock of the team.

Please, no more bashing Koivu. If he leaves, so does the franchise.

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