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Originally Posted by Jackpot View Post
Think about how this looks for the Columbus organization, do you think players find it attractive to sign up long term with an organization that holds it's players hostage? I think it's time for ownership to step in and smack Howson silly, or straight up relieve him. Once a player requests a trade it's time for both sides to move on, you're done, get what you can and part ways before things get messy. Instead Howson has chosen to not only drag it out past the deadline last season, but past thr draft and possibly into next season. The Rangers won't suffer, Nash will and other players will take note of how Columbus choses to do business.
Howson is pretty much screwed no matter what he does, in part because of what Rick Nash means to Columbus. Rick Nash IS Columbus. He's the captain of that team, he's been a part of that franchise for 10 of its 12 years of existence, and he's the only star on that team. Because of that , Columbus overvalues Nash, and Howson is trying to get more in return for him than what Nash really deserves.

Who knows when Howson will realize that the rest of the league doesn't value Nash like his team does. It seems like he's fearful of screwing up this trade so he's trying to get as much as he possibly can without meeting in the middle somewhere. Howson only wants to make a deal on his terms right now so Sather should just focus elsewhere at the moment.

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