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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Ouf course, the people saying that buying out Gomez is a dumb thing to do are not the ones who would be paying his salary to play in the AHL.

They will in turn say that Molson should bite the bullet and pay him anyway as he has enough money to do so, but they're not the ones who pay the bill.

And they will conveniently forget that Molson has 600 million big reasons not to want to pay another $10M to a player in the minors in addition to the cap which he spends....

It's so easy to spend other people's money, isn't it?
I fail to see your point. Most of us understand this. We also undertsand that a buyout, which compromises the team's cap hit, could be detrimental to the team's ability to acquire players and help win. Which we care about a whole lot more than whether the owner rakes a huge profit or merely a great profit.

My desire is to see the team win. I confess I would not lose any sleep if the team won the Cup and Molson lost money in the process. I do not however think that such a thing is likely.

The man is a powerful businessman, in hard dollars and cents I am sure the extra 3.3M associated with burying the contract would cost Molson a lot less once the accountants got involved, as it is still of course an operating expense for the buisness. But some of you guys sound like you are worried that Molson is going to have to sell off his mother's china to pay for this.

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