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06-23-2012, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
That makes a lot of sense. I will argue though, that he won't get anywhere near the icetime in Michigan than he would in Kitchener. The Jets will emphasize that to him.

Trouba has been one of the best, if not the best d-man on his team for years. Consequently, he sees huge icetime year in and year out. If he were to come to Kitchener, that wouldn't change. He'd be pencilled in next to Ryan Murphy on the top pairing and see icetime in all situations. Most nights he'd see around 30 minutes a game as Cody Sol did last year.

That isn't usually the case when you're a rookie at the NCAA level - especially on one of those high end teams like Michigan. Talented rookies often take a back seat to the veteran players and even once in a while find there way to the press box in a numbers game. Trouba could get half the icetime in half the games if he reports to Michigan.

Bottom line is if Trouba is more interested in education than a pro career, then he should go to the NCAA and get a degree. But, if he wants to get fast tracked to pro hockey, then he may as well come to Kitchener. What's the point of going the NCAA route if you're only going to sign a pro deal after year or two of college hockey.
Also once a player is NHL drafted it totally changes the players mindset. A pro career is just around the corner and he'll want to make it happen as soon as possible.
The other factor a lot of folks don't think about is with the new NHL CBA being negotiated his signing bonus next year could be substantially less. Does he sign now for $800,000.00+/- or wait for the unknown and possible sign for $500,000+/-. I know which way I would be leaning considering Trouba's is actually thinking of a maximum 2 year and a minimum 1 year to commitment to UofM.
I'm not sure if Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking got their university degree within 2 years and I'm sure Trouba is smart but.......!!
IMHO a lot of players talk NCAA just as an negotiation ploy to sweeten the OHL package.

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