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06-23-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by GregSirico View Post
He can "want" whatever he thinks ... but the reality is, there are numerous variables out there that GREATLY reduce the actual price. Remember, in economics the price of something is determined by it's scarcity and market. His market is extremely small, he has a NMC (so he can deny any trade or dictate where he wants to go), his cap hit is absolutely sky high (only a number of teams can reasonably afford him under their budget), and say what you want but his production has been pretty low (although some believe that's because of surrounding talent) so you are taking a risk. Based on this ... his market WILL drop IF he gets moved, and based on everything we have heard or read, it's VERY hard to say he will stay a CBJ. Things can change, he might get frustrated and not care where he gets moved, but that's a story for another day.
Yeah, but I know one thing for sure, a GM in NHL won't get something from Slats, or anyone else, that he isn't asking for.

I also have hopes that eventually he has to budge and will take a decent offer from us. But I would lie if I didn't see the point in Howson asking for what actually makes sense for his team for a player that asks for a trade in feb-mar by 23 June.

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