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06-23-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
They never mentioned Orr but plenty have brought up the Neids comparison .

I have no idea why people can't simply be pleased with how well he played last year without bringing up HOF's to compare him too .
What I don't get is why people simply can't see that all that is said when he's being compared to these players is they're playing styles and talent level not nescaseraly the expectation of the career the young lad will have.

If you don't see Gardiner showing similar traits to Neids that's too bad for you... about time you stop down grading the Leaf youth is what I say.

We talk about people over hyping the Leaf youth frankly I don't see it, what I do see is a whole bunch of people media a like who degrade the Leaf youth none more than Kadri and it's getting tiresome.... People need to take a good hard look at what these 2 words "prospect/potential" mean before they get all bent out of shape about the comparison of who Gardiner's attributes and playing style remind other people of, get within the context of the conversation and leave the down grading to the side. Each and every person who has compared Gardiner to Neids are very aware that it's a high praise that more than likely wont come to fruition those who don't want to trade him want to see the kind of growth he has before trading him or even entertaining the thought of trading him. Did you expect Karlsson to have the type of year he had? You can't tell me that Gardiner doesn't show the same type of potential if Karlsson can explode like he did so could Gardiner and I for one wont trade Gardiner until we see a little more experience in him thus to me he's an untouchable at the very least for this coming season.

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