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06-23-2012, 01:35 PM
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Probably a bit too whippy. If it was an equivalent Vapor stick (like an X50), I'd say you might be fine, but IMO Bauer Supreme sticks play very whippy. I always feel that Supremes play much whippier than Vapors, and whippier than most sticks on the market period (the only stick that has felt whippier for me relative to the flex rating than my Supreme sticks is my Base stick). Supremes have an "amplified mid kick," the stick is stiffer by the blade and softer by your bottom hand, with the result being that you REALLY feel the flex. I'm 6' 180 lbs, I cut down my sticks about 2.5-3", and while I like a 77 flex in Vapors (and in a number of other brands/lines), for me the 77 flex in Supreme sticks is too much whip, flexes too much on passes, and I feel like I lose power in shots. If you tend to like 87 flex sticks in most lines, I think you'll likely feel that a 77 flex Supreme is overly whippy.

It's all personal preference. If you've never used a whippy stick before, maybe you're actually a guy who likes huge whip and you just don't know it, in which case the stick could be great for you. But if you've used 75/77 flex sticks in the past, and generally prefer an 87 flex, then I'd stay away from a 77 flex Supreme.

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