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Posted it on the main board, might as well post it here too:

Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post

#13 - Radek Faksa, Center
- Pretty much a perfect fit for this team. The Stars have needed a top notch center prospect for more than a couple years now, and Faksa is exactly what GMJN looks for in a prospect. Size, skill, great two-way play, "hard to play against", and pretty underrated. That, and if the draft was based solely on character, he'd go #1 for sure.
Grade - A+

#43 - Ludvig Byström, Defenseman
- Love this pick. We could use an offensive defenseman in our prospect pool, and he brings that and a bit more. Reminds me a lot of Nemeth in 2010, and he's turning out very well. I think Byström will at worst be a bottom pairing defender and definitely has top 4 upside, but we've got the depth to not rush him and let him become as good as possible. However, looking at who was available (Frk, Bozon), I do think we could've made a slightly better pick.
Grade - B

#54 - Mike Winther, Center/Left Wing
- I wasn't too fond of this pick, but it could've been worse. Bozon was still available, and not picking him here was a big mistake IMO. He had ties to the organization, we could use a winger, etc. but Winther works too. Keeps filling the hole we have at center and can switch over to wing if needed, and he seems to have a knack for goal scoring with 32 goals in the Dub.
Grade - B-

#61 - Devin Shore, Center
- Love this pick. Was a guy we discussed a lot and with this pick, our center woes pretty much come to end. Projects to be a bottom 6 center, but with Benn and Faksa in the top 6 that's perfect.
Grade - B+

#74 - Esa Lindell, Defenseman
- Another solid pick. More for back up in case Byström or Klingberg doesn't turn out as an offensive defender, but can still be a contributor even if all three make it. And he was a bit of a steal, so that makes it even better.
Grade - B-

#104 - Gemel Smith, Center
- Centers are getting a bit redundant, but he's a steal here. Was supposed to be a 2nd round pick, and he's here in the 4th round. Another solid center I can see in the bottom 6, and center begins turning into a strength when it was a weakness not even 3 days ago. Also, we can now dress a full Smith line.
Grade - C+

#134 - Branden Troock, Right Wing
- A bottom 6 guy almost for sure. Not much else is known, but can't go wrong with a guy who'll probably contribute in some way, even a very minor one.
Grade - C+

#144 - Henri Kiviaho, Goaltender
- We could use a prospect goaltender, and then almost certainly is a Takko pick (most of his have been successful). A very young goalie, he'll probably stay in Finland for at least another 2-3 years, if not even more, which is exactly what we need. That, and he has a ****ing awesome name.
Grade - B

#183 - Dmitry Sinitsyn, Defenseman[/b]
- This pick probably won't ever make the NHL, but again, he's an offensive defender who strengthens that hole in our prospect pool. However, he's a local kid, one of the best to ever play on his junior team in Dallas, and this pick to me signifies that we aren't afraid to take Russians (even though he has no danger of going to the KHL). That alone makes him a very significant pick.
Grade - B+

All in all, we had a very successful draft, which we've needed after the horrid '09 and '10 drafts.

Final Grade - B

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